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Naturalists' Society

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150 Years Old, and still active
Additional information supporting the exhibition in the Cardiff Story Museum


in 2017 the Cardiff Naturalists' Society is celebrating it's 150th Anniversary and we have an exhibition at the Cardiff Story Museum

These pages are provided to give additional information we were not able to fit in the exhibition.

The Logo above is one that was re-descovered by members of the society when researching for this exhibition. In that format it was as an embossed letterhead. It has been digitized and coloured by CNS member and accomplished artist Rhian Kendall and is being used again for the first time in over 100 years

The 2017 Annual General meeting of the Society was held on September 11th, which is precisely 150 years since the first meeting. At this Meeting Andy Kendall 113th President and Mike Dean (Current Secretary) presented a display of the pictures, information and fascintating stories discovered during the researching of the history for the exhibition

Robert Drane our Founder

T.H. Thomas, Artist and Naturalist

Eleanor Vachell, Pioneer Female Botanist

Mary E Gillham, A Dedicated Naturalist

Colonel H. Morrey Salmon, Nature Photographer

The Society Today

The Society Library

See our Full list of Presidents

Other Pictures from our Archive

Pictures on these pages unless otherwise credited are from Morray Salmon, Dr Mary Gillham, Andy Kendall but mostly from unknown members of the society, or copies of information from the society and related archives

Additional pages added since the exhibition opening

William Adams First President

F G Evans Second President

J W Lukis Third and 5th President

William Taylor 4th President

Col. T. Picton Turbervill 6th President

Henry Heywood 7th and 14th President

Louis Tylor 8th President

Clement Waldron 9th President

George E. Robinson 10th President

William Galloway (later Sir William Galloway) 11th President

Peter Price the founder of the Free Library and 12th President

Charles Tanfield Vachell 13th, 19th and 26th President