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Clement Waldron (1828-1906) 9th President

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We have in our transactions Vol. XXXIX 1906 an Obituary of Clement Waldron which reads as follows

CLEMENT WALDRON. Born March, 1826. Died September 14TH, 1906.

In the death of Mr. Waldron, we lose one of our oldest members ; he joined the Society in the year 1868—the year following its inauguration. He was selected President in 1881, and in his inaugural address stated that he had been induced to take the office, not because he had any claim to be considered a " Naturalist," but because he felt that in a Society such as ours, each member should be ready, when called upon by the Committee, to take his share in the work we have set ourselves to do. Mr. Waldron's address then resolved itself into a strong plea for improvements in the condition and management of the Museum, which was at that time housed "in a closely-packed dingy room, on the upper floor of the Free Library in St. Mary Street."

In 1875, at Mr. Waldron's suggestion, the Society paid a visit to the ancient Roman Lead Mines at Charter House, on the Mendip Hills, near Cheddar, when he read a paper entitled " Roman Mining on the Mendip Hills."

Mr. Waldron was a man of varied tastes, but he was especially interested in Archaeology, and for many years attended regularly the meetings of the Royal Archaeological Society, of which he was a member for a long period.

born in Somerset, he was educated at Blnndell's School, Tiverton. Qualifying as a solicitor in 1850, he then came to South Wales, and, after practising for two years in Bridgend and Mertihyr, came to Cardiff and founded the firm which came to be known as Waldron and Sons, with offices at 4, Church St Cardiff. He clearly had sucess in this area as he was acting for some high profile clients such as Henry Fox Talbot the inventor of the Calotype photographic process. His relationship seems to be based on a relationship with Charles Henry Talbot apprenticed to John Prichard, Welsh architect and documented in the Foxtalbot Archives

Clement Waldron

Clement Waldron Ninth President of the Society

He was the first president of the Cardiff Incorporated Law Society, and always one of its principal and most respected members. In Llandaff he was equally well known, as he had resided there at the White House for nearly fifty years. He became registrar of the Probate Court of Llandaff in 1877, and had held the office until his death. he was also Clerk to the governors and then a Governor of Howells School, and Clerk to the Canton Local board of health

he is mentioned in connection with various Wills in the London Gazette at dates ranging from the 1850's to the 1870s (as seen by this writer there may be more) and in Slaters Commercial Directory 1880 he is listed as the District Registrar in Her Majesty's Court Of Probate and Secretary of Howell's Charity Schools, Llandaff and living at The Green, Llandaff

In 1863-4 and 1864-5 he is listed as a Councillor for North Ward Cardiff

In Cardiff Council Minutes, 1881–1882 he is listed as a member of the University College Committee

Archaeology was a keen interest of his and in the Cardiff times of 6th April 1895 it is reported that

INTERESTING DISCOVERIES AT LLANDAFF. Dnring some excavations on property belonging to Mr Clement Waldron, near the old Castle walls at Llandaff, some interesting relics have been unearthed. Bits of ancient pottery, bones, etc. are among the finds, but whether the bones are human has not yet been ascertained. A hideous carved head, in splendid preservation, was also brought to light, and is evidently a gargoyle belonging to the old Norman Cathedral. The excavations also exposed what are apparently portions of the old Castle walls, one running parallel with the lane leading to the Cathedral being of immense thickness. The excavations are still in progress, and doubtless further relics will he found.

His funderal was reported in the local press such as this from the The Cardiff Times 22nd September 1906.


The funeral of the late Mr Clement Waldron, one of the senior solicitors of Cardiff, and district registrar of probate for the Diocese of Llandaff, took place on Monday at the Llandaff Cemetery, and was attended by a large number of mourners. The body, encased in a coffin of plain, unvarnished oak, surmounted by a cross and covered with a purple pall, was conveyed by bearers from the White House, the deceased gentleman's residence, to the cathedral, where a short service was held.

Clement Waldron Funeral,The Cardiff Times 22nd September 1906

Clement Waldron Funeral,The Cardiff Times 22nd September 1906

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