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Lionel F. Cowley, M.SC (?-1971) 79th President

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Lionel Cowley was alonf standing members of the society, he first appears in the Transactions in 1927 and was a member until his death in 1971 some 44 years later.

For most of these years he was a members of the Zoology department at the National Museum of Wales and it is in this role that he appears most frequently in the Transactions, either presenting or contributing papers to the Society and to the Transactions. A selection of his titles is given here: -

  1. 1927 British Reptiles
  2. 1928 The Framework of the Animal Body
  3. 1929 Fins, Limbs, and Paddles
  4. 1936 The Evolution of the Ear
  5. 1939 Size and its significance in the Animal World.
  6. 1957 Elephants
  7. 1956 The Structure of Birds.

sadly I have yet to locate more information about him - if you have any information please contact the publicity officer via the contacts via the menu above

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