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Arthur Edward Wade M.SC. F.L.S. (1895-1989) 77th President

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Sadly we do not have an obituary of Arthur Edward Wade, but there are some detailed ones available on-line from which we will give a brief summary and links to the detailed content

One of the most detailed is that given in The Lichenologist 21(4): 379-381 (1989)

And another starts on page 15 of this PDF Obituaries, Journal of Bryology (1990) this was written by Roy Perry who would become the 109th President

He was born in Leicester and, after being wounded in the First World War helping a stretcher bearer party, joined the staff of the National Museum of Wales in 1920 where he worked until his retirement in 1961.

As a botanist he built up the National Welsh Herbarium and his botanical activities resulted in a number of publications including

  1. Welsh Flowering Plants (1934)
  2. Welsh Ferns (1940)
  3. Flora of Monmouthshire (1970)
  4. Flora of Glamorgan (1990)

He was virtually the originator of the Museum's collection of lichens. Wade was a founding member, first secretary (1958-63), and then president (1964) of the British Lichen Society.

He was a long standing member of the society and active in many ways. His name appears very frequently in the Botanical Notes sections of the Transactions, and he acted as secretary to the Junior Section. He contributed extensively to various county flora's and both alone and in collaboration with others such as Harold Augustus Hyde 63rd President produced many scholarly works

He emigrated to New Zealand In 1981, to live with his daughter and died there in 1989

As well as his botanical expertise, he was also an accomplished Painter in oils and watercolours who exhibited at the Royal Cambrian Academy, with the South Wales Art Society and the Swansea and Newport Art Society. There are a number of his works catalogued in the national Museum of Wales collections, but I am yet to find more details about them and am unable to include them here.

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