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Edward Lewis (?-1965) 76th President

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Sad to say I have found almost nothing of details about Mr Edward Lewis, and if anyone has any information I would absolutely welcome it. The little I have is that he was a keen archaeologist and stalwart member of the society

From the archaeological section report for the session Volume XCI of the Transactions 1962-63 :-

During the year, Mr. Edward Lewis was made an Honorary Member of the Archaeological Section. Edward Lewis has served the Section long and faithfully, as indeed he has served the Parent Society. His association with the Section has been marked by wise counsel on the very many occasions when his advice has been sought. His character shows to no better advantage than at Field Meetings, where his friendliness, coupled with an intense desire to learn, makes him the ideal companion. In awarding Honorary Membership to Mr. Lewis, the Section felt sure that Mrs. Lewis would accept the recognition given to her husband as being, in some measure, also recognition of her own splendid qualities

In 1955 he gave his presidential address: -

Local Houses of Distinction" (Presidential Address)

His passing was simply noted in Volume XCII of the Transactions in 1966

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