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Phillip Andrews (?-1978) 78th President

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Sadly we have very little information about Phillip Andrews. From articles in the Transactions it is clear that he was a keen birdwatcher and as recorded in volume LXXIX of the Transactions in 1948 he was instrumental in bringing into existence the Ornithological Section of the Society: -

As a result of a request made by Mr P. Andrews at the 1945 Annual General Meeting of the Society an Ornithological Sub-section of the Geological and Biological Section was formed in the beginning of 1946. The Sub-section began with the formation of a small Committee consisting of Messrs P. Andrews, K. B. Ashton, L. W.A. Cox, Bruce Campbell, R. W. Blacker, and Dr Purchon, and this Committee was given powers to elect officers for 1946 and 1947. The Committee elected Mr Philip Andrews as chairman, and Mr K. B. Ashton as Hon. Secretary, and at a later meeting Mr L. W. A. Cox was elected Hon. Treasurer. The first meeting of the Sub-section met at the Old University College, Newport Road, on March 5th, 1946, when various business matters, and proposed Rules were discussed after which Mr Bruce Campbell gave a paper on Taking a Bird Census.' At a Parent Society Council meeting held on July 2nd, 1946, it was suggested by Dr Nash-Williams that in view of our considerable membership, at that time 73, we should become a separate section. This suggestion was subsequently carried into effect

He is noted for many contributions to the society such as Lectures to the Junior section and to the parent Society

His passing is noted in a single sentence in Volume XCIC of the Transactions

Obituary Mr. Philip Andrews, a Past President, who died in May 1978, gave many years of valuable service to the Society, and his presence will be sadly missed in the Council.

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