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Dennis H. Morgan, O.B.E., F.C.A. (?-1967) 69th President

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in Volume LX of the Transactions in 1927 his election to the post of secretary was noted as starting the prior year. This was just in time for him to become a key figure in the arrangements of the Societies 60th Anniversary - Diamond Jubilee celebrations. His address on this letter suggests a relationship with the BBC, however they have not been able to find a record of him as yet.

letter from CNS Archives signed by D. H. Morgan

Letter from CNS Archives signed by D. H. Morgan

At the Annual Meeting held last year, Mr. A. H. Lee, who had for over five years acted as Hon. Secretary to the Society, asked to be relieved of this office owing to pressure of his official duties as Secretary of the National Museum of Wales. This resignation was accepted with deep regret, and Mr. Dennis H. Morgan, F.C.A., was elected to fill this office.

He continued in this role until 1940 as recorded in the transactions in 1945 (society events and transactions were suspended for the duration and a single volume covering the years 1939-1945 - Vol. LXXII - LXXVIII was produced in 1945 which records his resignation from his post as secretary and that he was unable to resume the post

War-Time SUSPENSION OF ACTIVITIES. Despite war conditions then obtaining, the Lecture Programme of the Society for the Session 1939/40 was carried through without interruption. It became increasingly evident to the Council, however, that black-out conditions, the threat of air raids and the calls of voluntary and other war service, would render the continuance of the normal activities of the Society an impossibility. In addition, in March, 1940, Mr. Dennis H. Morgan who, for 14 years had acted as Honorary Secretary of the Society, was compelled to tender his resignation on receiving an appointment in the Government Service.

HONORARY SECRETARY. Reference is made above to the resignation of Mr. Dennis H. Morgan, and the Council desires to record its gratitude to Mr. Morgan for his long and useful period of service to the Society, and looks forward to receiving his co-operation in the future activities of the Society, in view of his knowledge and experience in its work. Owing to the fact that Mr. Morgan continues to be unavailable to act as Secretary to the resuscitated Society, the Council has taken early steps to secure a successor,

His war work was as secretary to the Board of Supply as recorded in Hansard 20 August 1940 vol 364 cc1138-43W and in the following press bulletin

Excerpt from Great Britain Ministry of Information - Daily Press Notices and Bulletins (1940-03-13)

Excerpt from Great Britain Ministry of Information - Daily Press Notices and Bulletins (1940-03-13)

he was elected an Honorary Member of the society in 1965, and then sadly in 1968 - Vol. XCIV of the Transactions there is just a brief note recording his passing: -

The Council records with deep regret the death of Mr. Dennis H. Morgan, O.B.E., F.C.A. on 1st August 1967. He was Hon. Secretary from 1926-1940, and President in 1947.

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