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Henry John Randall, LL.B., F.S.A (1877-1964) 68th President

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Known generally by his many friends as Harry Randall, sadly we do not have an obituary for him in the Transactions, his death is simply recorded in the Report of the Council For The Year 1964-65 which was not published until 1967:-

The Council records with deep regret the death of Dr. H. J. Randall, Ll.B., F.S.A. in November,

From various records in the Transactions it is clear that he had indeed been a long standing member and had often contributed to the society through lectures, meteorological recording and in other ways. There is however some lack of clarity in the records as we have 2 persons of that name recorded with different joining dates (elected, as you had to be elected as a member back then). as follows: -

  1. Volume XLII members list in in 1909 - Elected 1909 Randall, H. J. The Rhyl, Bridgend.
  2. Volume LIX - Meteorological Records in 1926 H. J. Randall, High Mead, Bridgend
  3. Volume LXIV Archaeological section report 1931 - The Camp on the Ogmore and the Englishry of Coity,"
  4. Volume LXV Archaeological section report 1932 - Splendide Mendax - or a great historical liar (Section Presidential Address)
  5. Volume LXVIII members list in in 1935 - Elected 1928 Randall, H. J., LL.B., "Erw Graig", Bridgend.

It may however be that the first of these records relates to his uncle also H J Randall of Bridgend

There is a brief biography of him in an online blog, Dr. Henry John Randall: Solicitor And Historian from which this brief excerpt which shows that he followed in the tradition of many of our members and especially Presidents in having a close relationship with the National Museum of Wales: -

He was closely linked with the National Museum of Wales as he became a member of its Art and Archaeology Committee during 1925, a member of the Court of Governors in 1937 and of the Council in 1938. He became the treasurer of the National Museum of Wales in 1952 and was so for the next ten years. He was the founder of the Friends of the National Museum of Wales

And also an entry in the Dictionary of Welsh biography which was penned by Colonel H. Morrey Salmon 72nd President which records that he was chairman of the Friends from 1954 to 1964

He was a writer on many topics including short articles as noted in this newspaper excerpt: -

The Glamorgan Gazette 19th May 1916

The Glamorgan Gazette 19th May 1916

And in due course a number of books

Selection of HJ Randall Book Covers

Selection of HJ Randall Book Covers

There are also very many reports in the Scanned newspaper archives recording his actions as a Solicitor. He was practicing until 1963 when it is recorded in The London Gazette, 2nd July 1963 that he retired shortly before his death.

Notice is hereby given that the Partnership heretofore subsisting between' us the undersigned Henry John Randall, Martin Camillo Verily and Edmund Onslow Powell, carrying on business as Solicitors at 5 Court Road, Bridgend, Glamorgan, under the style or firm of RANDALL, LLEWELLYN & VERITY, has been dissolved by mutual consent as from the 30th day of June 1962 so far as concerns the said Henry John Randall who retires from the firm. All debts due to and owing by the said late firm will be received and paid by the said Martin Camillo Verity and Edmund Onslow Powell who will continue to carry on the said business under the same style or firm. Dated this 28th day of June 1963.
H. J. Randall.
M. C. Verity.
E. O. Powell.

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