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Professor Harold K. Lloyd B.Sc., Ph.D., C.Eng., F.I.M. (?-1995) 107th President

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We have the following obituary for Professor Lloyd in Newsletter number 28 in 1995

Professor H.K.M.Lloyd, B.Sc., Ph.D., C.Eng., F.I.M.

Professor Lloyd's quiet and unassuming manner gave no hint of a very distinguished career in metallurgy.

A graduate of Swansea, he obtained his Doctorate at Sheffield and, in 1961, was appointed Professor of Metallurgy at Cardiff University, Wales.

Ever keen to foster good relations between the University and Industry, his Department forged links with the Steel Company of Wales, and through his enthusiastic leadership soon earned an international reputation in his field.

Professor Lloyd set up a Metallurgy Department in Jakarta, Indonesia and advised the Departments in Lima, Peru and Nigeria, West Africa. His outstanding international reputation was recognised when in 1944 he was invited, as Guest of Honour, to attend the International Conference at the University of Osaka, Japan.

His contribution to the scientific life of South Wales was evidenced by his election to office as Deputy Principal and, as Dean of the Faculty of Applied Science in the University and his Presidency of many of the local Metallurgical Societies which he actively supported.

The other driving force in Harry's life was his interest in the Natural World and it was as a member of Cardiff Naturalists' Society that I first met him. It was not too long before he became a member of Council and the Society's President in the 1985/86 session.

On his overseas journeys he was always accompanied by his wife Dr Joyce Lloyd (100th President) and in the free time from his commitments, they both enjoyed the nature and culture of the country visited. His Presidential address to the Society shared with us one such visit to Indonesia.

Living close to the Society's Nature Reserve - the Glamorganshire Canal - Harry and Joyce took frequent walks there. The wealth and beauty of the birds, plants and insects catered for Harry's general interest in Nature, while the unique cast iron bridge, viaduct, road and canal appealed to his scientific persona.

Harry fought his terminal illness with the bravery of such a private man. When the battle was lost he died as he would have wished, quietly at home surrounded by the love of his wife Joyce and his family.

Harry will be sadly missed by all his friends in the C.N.S. who extend their sincere sympathy to the family.

Mairead Sutherland 101st President

On reading that obituary, I note the date of 1944 for a conference in Japan and I find that unlikely for the obvious reason of the war, and also that he did not take up his chair until 1961. So I suspect that this is a typographical error, however as Mairead has passed away and we have lost touch with his family I am not able to correct it. if anyone reads this and ia able to provide an update please contact us via the email on the contact us page.

An interesting snippet about him is this listing I have located from the Radio Times of BBC Home Service Basic, 29 October 1966 Look at the 10:00 program listing.

Science Survey: Metals for Tomorrow

by H.K.M. Lloyd, Ph.D., Professor of Metallurgy, University College, Cardiff If metallurgists could produce metals and alloys with strengths up to those that theory makes them believe possible, the appearance of the world around us might be drastically changed. Bridges could be unbelievably elegant and machines as delicate as clockwork. Professor Lloyd speaks about some of the problems of trying to attain this engineers' Utopia

We made a request to the BBC, sadly this is not in their archives and we are unable to share it.

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