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Dr Joyce Lloyd (?1922 - 2009) 100th President

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From Newsletter number 83 in 2009

Obituary: Joyce Lloyd

Sadly Dr. Joyce Lloyd passed away in April 2009, aged 87. She was one of the Cardiff Naturalists' Society's remaining members from the days when Presidents' Receptions were held in formal attire in the main hall of the National Museum.

Both she and her husband, Professor Harold Lloyd, served as presidents of the Society and she was a faithful attender at meetings until her last few months. She will be greatly missed.

The funeral was held in the Lady Chapel of Llandaff Cathedral and the Crematorium, with a reception at the New House Country Hotel, Thornhill on 20th April.

A mycologist in her professional life, she was interested in all aspects of natural history and landscape. It seems appropriate here to record a poem which she wrote on the subject of the Severn Bore when she was still a schoolgirl, and which was read at the funeral.


By Joyce Lloyd, nee Hawkes 1939

Between these widening banks you flow along.
Your water laps against the dock's drab sides.
But in the meadow with the warbler's song.
It's there I see the beauty of your tides.
A distant murmur, then a sullen roar -
A wall of water swirls against the edge.
The tang of salt that comes up with the bore.
Brings near the sea to inland field and hedge.
The first crest passes, then a second breaks.
Which strives to catch the one that's on ahead.
And with its effort farther splashing makes.
And glubs the reeded inlets of its beds.
A final gushing and the noise is gone.
And smaller plashings ripple, on and on.

As we are now into living memory this author Andy Kendall 113th President would like to add that he remembers fondly various conversations with Joyce who was always very pleasant and encouraging to younger members of the society such as myself (as I was when I joined) and it was always a joy to meet her or to visit her in her house in Llandaff

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