Peacock Butterfly in Cefn Mabley Woods

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Surveyed Sites

The CNS still has special days in it's programme from time to time when we try and focus on learning something signficant about an aspect of wildlife, the environment or environmental science or surveying a site. There is always lots of help with identification and as many eyes as possible really help with finding the rarities. Which is why we have identified between us a number of rare species in the area in and around Cardiff As ever, everyone is welcome and if you are interested in in joining us on such an event then please take a look at our programme or drop us a note via one of the contacts on the contacts page

the Cardiff Naturalists' Society has been asked a number of times by the Cardiff Council Parks department to visit a number of local sites and properly survey them to see what was there.

Some of these were some of the local parks, and some of them were a little more unusual when you think about wildlife sites.

However it was one of these unusual sites that gave us one of our most interesting finds when two of our members managed to capture what was a first for wales, the Long-winged conehead.

The site for this rare cricket was Coryton Roundabout of all places. Not somewhere you think of as particularly wildlife orientated, but one where a massive 280 species of plants and animals were identified in 2 working days. we have made many repeat visits to this site and it has become an annual favorite with the Parks department with regular requests for us to lead a walk there as part of Biodiversity week

We have also identified a rare variety of Orchid on Coryton Roundabout as you will see if you visit our newsletters back issues

At some sites our finds have been important to the environmental understanding, preservation and conservation of the site. At Hamadryad Salt Marsh for instance we gathered records of 126 species of plants and animals whereas the "professional" survey that had taken place had recoded less than half of that


Here are some listings from our surveys.

These are not definitive some are generated from a single visit, some from a number of visits.