Peacock Butterfly in Cefn Mabley Woods


Cymdeithas Naturiaethwyr




Cardiff Parks

On our members walks and on our public walks we've visited many local parks over the years and seen many wonderful things.

Cardiff has some wonderful green spaces. We can only thank out forefathers (and mothers probably) for protecting these places for us to enjoy.

The rich variety of environments with a super biodiversity which means many species of plants and animals if you're not up on the jargon

Places such as these are always under threat of short minded people and even in the last few years there have been plans to put housing on Heath Park. Luckily this was prevented and we can still enjoy the open space.

The Cardiff Naturlist's Society has walks in many of Cardiff Parks on a regular basis and our programme usually starts the year with a birdwatching session at Roath Park.

On some of our walks we have done formal surveys, but on others we've just gathered a list as we've gone along

Why not look at our programme and join us on our next walk. You don't need to be an expert and you may be lucky and one of ours may well be able to give you that answer that you've always wanted


Here are some listings from our visits to local parks.

These are not definitive some are generated from a single visit, some from a number of visits.

Some of our historical listings are also useful to people. Here our good friend Tony Titchen has transcribed one and made it available to us .