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W. Glynn Hopkins (?-1996) 95th President

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We have an obituary of W. G. Hopkins (Known as Glynn) in Newsletter 29 in 1996, written by Mairead Sutherland 101st President, from which some excerpts have been taken for this page.

We don't have a record of his joining date, but in 1946 when the ornithological section was formed, he was one of its founding members and took part in many of its projects. In 1961 along with Colonel H. Morrey Salmon 72nd President he negotiated a lease of Flatholm from trinity house to enable the Society to study the effect of the growing population of gulls on its flora and fauna. He joined the flatholm society and saw his work come to fruition when in 1977 the island became an SSSI.

His public life was as Acting Town Clerk and City Solicitor and it was in this role that he played an active part in the creation of Cardiff as capital of Wales

The Lord Mayor, who has been ill at his home in Pearl Place, Roath, Cardiff, for three weeks, issued the following statement:

"With reference to the Home Secretary's important announcement in the House of Commons. I invite the citizens of Cardiff, and as many as possible of my Welsh compatriots, to attend outside the City Hall on Wednesday, December 21, at 11.30am, when a public statement will be made.

"Flags in honour of the occasion are invited to be flown on all public and other buildings in the city - Cymru am Byth."

At midday the announcement will be made at the Exchange, Cardiff Docks. Docksmen and their staffs are asked to assemble at the Exchange.

Eighty-one-year-old Alderman Chapman was still in bed at his home yesterday when the deputy town clerk, Mr WG Hopkins, in the absence of the town clerk, Mr S Tapper-Jones (who was in London awaiting the Home Secretary's statement), called to give him the news.

Despite this busy role he acted as Hon. General Secretary for many years

in 1967 he was instrumental in the creation of what we now have as the Glamorgan Canal Nature Reserve. He spoke on this as his presidential address which was published as an article in Volume XCVII of the Transactions in 1974.

With the creation of the Wildlife Trust he continued to use his expertise and help in reviewing paperwork in relation to the creation of new nature reserves.

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