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Edith M Sheppard, F.Z.S. 81st President

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Tracking down information about Edith Sheppard in the Transactions is not straightforwards as she is frequently referred to as Miss and Dr. and there are references where her surname is spelt Shepherd as well as Sheppard. I have adopted the Sheppard spelling as that is how she is noted on the scientific papers I have located and therefore most likely to be correct.

Edith Sheppard was first a student then lecturer in Zoology and Comparative Anatomy, at Cardiff university (as it became) over the period of 1913-1959

She spoke to the society on "The Fauna of Lough Ine" in 1935 and on a number of occasions represented the Society at the meeting of the Assembly of Corresponding Societies of the British Association for the Advancement of Science

She was in 1955-56 the President of the Biological and Geological section when her Presidential address was on "Some points of interest in the Zoo-geography of the Southern Seas", and then president of the Parent body when her Presidential address was on the topic of "Animals' Toilets"

Some of the few references I have located regarding her are Journal of Zoology, in 1922 A Contribution to the Anatomy of a Hammerhead Shark (Zygaena malleus Shaw). In 1927 on Revision of the Family Phreatoicidae (Cvustacea), with a Description of two New Species. In this she thanks Professor Walter Medley Tattersall 58th President for his generosity and help. Also in 1944 in The Journal Of Pathology And Bacteriology, a paper entitled A diphyllobothrium epidemic in trout.

Sadly that is about all I have located regarding her to date and i would appreciate any further insight that anyone is able to provide and they can contact me via the publicity officer email address on the contacts page above

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