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Aubrey H. Jenkins A.R.P.S. 73rd President

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We do not have a lot of information about Aubrey H. Jenkins, but from what we have it is clear that he was an accomplished photographer. In the 1930's he was the honorary Secretary of the Photographic section and in 1935 elected president of that section. In a number of occasions he won the prizes in the annual competitions: -

  1. 1933 - The Record of Distinction for the best print of the year, and the plaque for the best slide, were both awarded to Mr. Aubrey H. Jenkins.
  2. 1934 - The Bronze Plaque for the best Slide to Mr. Aubrey H. Jenkins.
  3. 1935 - The Bronze Plaque for the best slide to Mr. Aubrey H. Jenkins.

It is therefore quite fitting that in 1938 it was recorded in Volume LXXI of the Transactions that: -

The Council has taken the opportunity of congratulating Mr. Aubrey H. Jenkins upon his election as an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society.

He was also a regular speaker to the Photographic section and to the main society some examples are given here: -

  1. 1930 - Historic St. David's
  2. 1931 - The Pembrokeshire Coast and Islands
  3. 1952 - The Romance of Photography (Presidential Address)
  4. 1962 - Some Grecian Islands Re-visited

Sadly I have not yet tracked down any of his photographs, but am continuing to seek them out

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