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Frank Bird M.Sc (?-1968/9) 66th President

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Mr Frank Bird is sadly the first of our former presidents who at this time remains a mystery to me. He was clearly an active and respected member, but as at the date I write this I have little information about him. One day I hope to rectify this obvious omission

  1. 1933 Vol. LXVI Road Books from Tudor Times, and a few Roads of local interest
  2. 1936 - Vol. LXIX Junior Section Presidential Address. Bookbinding
  3. 1937 - Vol. LXX Junior Section Presidential Address Maps and Map Reading.
  4. 1939 - Vol. LXXII - LXXVIII Old Road Books and Local Roads

He served on a number of committees for the society and I note in particular this reference in 1938 Vol. LXXI of the Transactions to his serving on a committee that had great hopes for the development of Dyffryn Gardens into a National Botanic garden. it was a lot of years until this vision came to existence, and (with no criticism of the current excellent institution, sadly for us who live here) a lot further from cardiff

An expression of appreciation has been forwarded to Mr. Cennydd G. Traherne in connection with his most generous offer of the house and gardens at Duffryn, St. Nicholas, to the Welsh nation. The Society was well represented at the conference held to consider the acceptance of the offer and Messrs. Frank Bird and Gilbert D. Shepherd have been nominated as the Society's representatives upon the Committee to take action in the matter. It is sincerely hoped that it may be found possible to establish this most valuable property as a national botanical gardens for Wales, and to this end the Society has offered its complete co-operation.

There is a reference to a key part that he played in the history of the society in 1945 - Vol. LXXII - LXXVIII of the Transactions

In August, 1940, however, after very careful consideration, it became clear that it would be unwise to arrange any programme for the coming Lecture Session, and the activities of the Society have remained completely in suspense during the remaining war period. With the welcomed return of peace, however, steps were taken to resuscitate the Society, largely on the initiative of Mr. Frank Bird, Immediate Past President, acting in the absence of Dr. Nash-Williams (on war service), and after a preliminary survey of the position by a small ad hoc Committee, the existing Council was called together and, having confirmed the actions of the Committee, it proceeded to make arrangements for a renewal of the Society's activities for the 1945/46 Session.

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