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Ivor P. Jones 61st President

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I have not located an obituary of Ivor P. Jones in our transactions and as I am sure many readers of this will be aware, the names Ivor and Jones are very common in Wales and I am therefore less confident of any of the newspaper articles I find relating to that name and I will therefore not be quoting them

From his Post-Nominal Letters we know that he was an architect and in the Obituary of Sir Percy Edward Thomas (1883-1969), architect and planning consultant, there is some brief information as follows

He (Thomas) collaborated with Ivor Jones of Cardiff in open competitions, and in 1911 they won the prize for designing a technical college in Cardiff . This gave him the opportunity to return to Cardiff in 1913 in partnership with Ivor Jones. The partnership with Ivor Jones was dissolved in 1937 by mutual consent

In Wikipedia it states that

The Bute Building is a Cardiff University building in Cathays Park, Cardiff, Wales. It houses the Welsh School of Architecture and the Cardiff School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies. It is a Grade II listed building

The neoclassical building was designed by architects Percy Thomas and Ivor Jones, who won a competition in 1911 to design a building for Cardiff Technical College. The foundations of the building were laid in 1913 and the building opened in 1916. The building has six Roman Doric columns in the front of the building and includes the Birt Acres Lecture Theatre

Bute Building designed by Jones and Thomas

Bute Building designed by Jones and Thomas - Picture by Eirian Evans used under CC Share Like licence

As recorded in Volume LXVIII of the transactions in 1935

PRESIDENTIAL BADGE. At the meeting of members held on the 29th November, 1934, Mr. Ivor P. Jones, A.R.I.B.A., immediate Past President, announced that, as a mark of his gratitude and as a memento of his happy year of office, he desired to present to the Society a Presidential Badge for the use of his successors. He thereupon handed to the President a silver gilt badge of original design which Mr. Morley Neale gratefully accepted on behalf of the Society.

Presidents were for many years expected to wear this at any society event and should they forget as this author (Andy Kendall 113th President) did once, they could expect to be admonished by the older members. These days it is generally worn for special events

 Front of Presidential Badge presented to the society by I P Jones

Front of Presidential Badge presented to the society by I P Jones

Rear of Presidential Badge presented to the society by I P Jones

Rear of Presidential Badge presented to the society by I P Jones

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