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Harry Edgar Salmon, (1864-1934) 46th President

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Sadly, given his obvious capabilities and the guidance he must have given to his son Harry Morrey Salmon who would go on to be the Societies 72nd President, we only have a short obituary of him in Volume LXVI of the transactions for 1934

Harry Edgar Salmon from Volume LXVI of the transactions for 1934

Harry Edgar Salmon from Volume LXVI of the transactions for 1934

Harry Edgar Salmon, 1864-1934.

The Society has suffered a very severe loss by the unexpected death on February 11th, 1934, of one of its most energetic and enthusiastic members - Mr. H. Edgar Salmon, F.Z.S.

He joined the Society in 1899, was elected to the Council in 1910, served as President in 1918-19, and was also Honorary Treasurer from 1920 to 1924.

Born at Chepstow in 1864 he came to Cardiff to start in business in 1881 and was actively engaged therein until his death.

In addition to his active interest in the affairs of the Society itself, he also supported the four Sections. He joined the Biological and Geological Section in 1905, served on its Committee from 1912, and as Honorary Treasurer from 1917, becoming President in 1930-31. He was an enthusiastic supporter of the proposal to form a Junior Section in 1921 and was an original member, passing through the Presidential Chair in 1931-32.

A keen fisherman, the Fresh Water Fishes was the subject in which he was specially interested and he published a list of the Glamorgan species in Vol. 51 of the Transactions.

He took also an intense interest in the National Museum of Wales, and was a valued member of the Court of Governors, of the Council and of the Finance, Building and Science Committees; the meetings of these bodies he attended with scrupulous regularity. He joined the British Association for the Advancement of Science at the Cardiff meeting in 1920, acting as Local Secretary of the Zoological Section. In subsequent years he attended the meetings as the Society's delegate to the Conference of Corresponding Societies and accompanied the Association to the meetings at Toronto in 1924 and South Africa in 1929.

A keen Rotarian, he attended conferences at home and abroad on the Continent and in America, and in recent years had devoted much time to the affairs of the Prince of Wales Orthopaedic Hospital in Cardiff and at the time of his death was Chairman Elect of the Executive Committee.

He was also a Freemason, a member of the Royal Society of St. George, of the Association of British Zoologists, and a Fellow of the Zoological Society.

Possessing very wide interests he threw himself enthusiastically into everything he took up and was extremely punctilious in his attendance at all meetings of those bodies to which he belonged. A genial manner and a remarkable capacity for making and retaining friends endeared him to all with whom he came in contact, and his sudden end came as a great shock to his many friends, and leaves a sense of irreparable loss.

H. M. H.

H. E. Salmon (Right) on the Wenallt 18-May-1921 from Society Archives

H. E. Salmon (Right) on the Wenallt 18-May-1921 from Society Archives

His occupation is not given above, but is mentioned in the probate notice regarding his will

Re Harry Edgar Salmon, Deceased.

Pursuant to the Trustee Act, 1925.

NOTICE is hereby given that all creditors and other persons having any debts, claims or demands against the estate of Harry Edgar Salmon, late of 15, Winchester Avenue, and 32, West Bute Street, in the city of Cardiff, India Rubber Merchant, deceased (who died on the llth day of February, 1934, and whose Will was proved in the Principal Registry of the Probate Division of His Majesty's High Court of Justice on the 19th day of March, 1934, by Ralph Cecil Seel, of "Windyridge," Dinas Powis, Glamorgan, Estate Agent, the executor therein named), are hereby required to send in the particulars of their 'debts, claims or demands to us, the undersigned, the Solicitors for the said executor, on or before the 20th day of July, -1934, after which date the said executor will proceed to distribute the assets of the said deceased amongst the persons entitled thereto, having regard only to the claims and demands of which he shall then have had notice; and he twill not be liable for the assets of the said deceased, or any part thereof, so distributed, to any person or persons of whose debts, claims or demands he shall not then have had notice. Dated this 16th day of May, 1934.

H. E. Salmon (Right) on the Wenallt 18-May-1921 from Society Archives

H. E. Salmon (left) on the Wenallt 18-May-1921 from Society Archives

as was noted in Harry Morrey Salmon the 72nd President's obituary

His father, Edgar Salmon (himself a prominent member of the Cardiff Naturalists' Society, serving as President of the Parent Society in 1919 and of the Biological and Geological Section in 1930), fostered his son's interest,

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