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Henry Heywood, C.E., F.C.S. (1842-1909) 7th and 14th President

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We have in our transactions Vol. Vol. XLII 1909 an Obituary of Henry Heywood which reads as follows

Henry Heywood, F.R.Met.Soc. Born 1842. Died 1909. Mr. Henry Heywood came to Cardiff in 1870 from Lancashire, where he had been engaged for some years as an Engineer. He joined the Society in 1872, and at once took an active part in its affairs. He became a member of the Committee in 1874, and in the following year was the means of placing the Public Lectures upon a sound financial basis. Until this time members paid for each lecture upon admission, with the result that a heavy deficit was incurred each year, but at Mr. Heywood's suggestion it was resolved that they should pay an extra subscription of 2s. 6d., to be added to the general subscription of 7s. 6d., and by this means the scheme was made almost self-supporting.

In many ways Mr. Heywood's influence was strongly felt upon the Committee, but perhaps his greatest work for the Society was in connection with the Meteorological Department. When, in 1896, Mr. Franklen G. Evans felt compelled through failing health to relinquish his labours in collecting the materials for, and editing the Society's Annual Meteorological Report - Mr. Heywood, who had already taken an interest in this work, was induced by the Committee to undertake the duties, which he continued most ably to carry on until his death, a period of thirteen years, and the Society is deeply indebted to him for the time and labour he devoted to the collecting and recording the various statistics.

Mr. Heywood possessed a peculiar charm of manner, which endeared him to those amongst whom he worked.

He was elected President of the Society in 1879, and again in 1886, and was a Vice-President up to the time of his death. His contributions to the Transactions were as follows :

  • 1874 - The Chemical Constituents of Plants.
  • 1875 - The action of Wind upon Sound.
  • 1876 - Bessemer's process of making Steel.
  • 1879 - On the Combustion of Sulphur Compounds.
  • 1880 - On Radiant Matter.
  • 1882 - The Visit to the Rhymney Iron Co.'s Works.

At the time of his last illness he was engaged upon a paper on The Utilisation of Atmospheric Nitrogen.

Henry Heywood (1842-1909)

Henry Heywood (1842-1909) Seventh and Fourteenth President of the Society

Internet resources state he was the eldest son of the late Mr. James Heywood, of Worksop whowas a farmer and professional Chemist. Henry is noted on that site as "Draughtsman" and he came to Cardiff in 1870

In 1872 he was joined in business by his brother, Mr. Charles Heywood, under the title of Heywood Bros., iron ore importers and agents. And they are listed in Slaters directory of 1880 as being 136 Bute street, and him living on Cathedral Road Docks In early life he had spent some years in the engineering department of Messrs. John Brown, at Sheffield, and throughout his career he maintained a deep and active interest in engineering questions.

In 1876 he is recorded in Cardiff Council minutes as being on the Library Committee, and was elected Society president in 1878 - 1879 and again in 1885 - 1886

He was chairman of Bell's Asbestos Company, and a director of other industrial concerns, and was elected a member of the Iron and Steel Institute in 1879.

by 1881 he was clearly a successful businessman and had moved as the census of that year lists the following living at Witla Court, Rumney, Mons:

  • Henry Heywood (age 49 born Worksop), Mineral Importer, Metal Agent.
  • Alice M. M. Heywood (wife) (age 43 born Worksop)
  • Gwendolen Heywood (Daughter age 18 born Cardiff)
  • P. Hamenefild Heywood (Daughter age 7 born Cardiff)
  • Also his niece Mary E. Heywood (age 16 born Sheffield).
  • Three servants

in 1884 he is listed as a Vice President of the Fine Art Loan Exhibition organised by T H Thomas in Aid of the Fund for Establishing the Royal Camhrian Academy of Arts in Cardiff. he is listed in the catalogue (of which there is an excellent scanned copy online ) as providing a number of items for the exhibition

in 1891 He was involved in the organization of the 61st meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science Link

in december 1899 he was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society this is reported in in the 1900 Symons's Monthly Meteorological Magazine of January 1900

On the 1st of May 1909 his name was mentioned by T.H. Thomas who was giving evidence to the Royal Commission on Ancient Monuments as being in possession of a polished stone from a camp on the hill beyond Rumney on the way to Newport.

He died at his residence, Whitla Court, Cardiff, on July 11, 1909

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